Sleeping very close to my mommy

celebrities rave about their babybay:

Thiago and Julia have chosen babybay

FC Bayern player Thiago Alcantara and his wife Julia Vigas are preparing for the birth of their first child. The babybay is already placed in their bedroom.

Daniela Katzenberger: “Wonderful”

“Thank you for the wonderful babybay”, said Daniela Katzenberger

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher await their second child. The little brother of Wyatt will sleep in a babybay close to his parents, the American “Celebritybabytrends” informed us.

Sven Hannawald says thank you

The ex-ski jumping star Sven Hannawald, and his girlfriend Melissa Thiem, await their first child and have already chosen the right bed: babybay, of course.

Isabell Horn: “wonderful babybay”

The former GZSZ actress Isabell Horn and her partner Jens Ackermann are looking forward to their daughter. They have already found the perfect bed – babybay.

Angela Finger-Erben: “This is great”

The popular RTL presenter Angela Finger-Erben expects her first child and is happy to have found the right bed: “babybay is just great” she said enthusiastically.

Nina Bott: “Mom & Baby are happy”

Actress Nina Bott gave birth to her second child Luna after son Lennox and is inspired by the babycube.

Nina Eichinger: “Absolutely perfect”

Nina Eichinger is enthusiastic about her new babybay: “Absolutely perfect, so we all have a place in bed”.

Alina Merkau: “I love babybay”

The pleasant presenter Alina Merkau from “Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen” expects her first child together with her partner Rael Hoffmann. They have already created their own individual babybay.

Nina Eichinger in an interview about her babybaby:

“Especially the decision about the bed was quite fast. I want to have our child close to us but our bed is already occupied by our dog (laughs). That is why we chose the babybay co-sleeper, which is the perfect solution: our child is very close, but nevertheless safe in its small “protection zone”.

Laura Oswald: “Super great”

TV star and mom with a newborn, Laura Osswald, is convinced that the babybay, which she set up for her little daughter Karline Ruby, is “super great”!

Andre Dietz is enthusiastic about the safe bay.

The German actor Andre Dietz, known from film and television, and his wife Shari await their fourth child. Of course, they have chosen babybay and are now already enthusiastic about the safe bay for their little one.

Matthias Killing: “babybay – the dream for all babies”

Since 2009, Matthias Killing has been broadcasting for SAT.1 as a moderator in breakfast television and in the show “ran”. As a father of a newborn, he told us that he was happy about the “dream for all babies”, the babybay for his son.

Alice Tumler: “the must-have for all mothers”

ORF-Starmoderator Alice Tumler is happy with her partner Francis about their second child and is convinced that babybay is essential for all mothers.

Caroline Beil: „Wunderschön“

Die deutsche Schauspielerin Caroline Beil und ihr Lebensgefährte sind von den babybay-Vorzügen absolut überzeugt.

Anett Lousian: “Aber auf dich hab ich gewartet”

Annett Lousian hat ihr babybay schon aufgestellt, freut sich auf ihren Nachwuchs und zitiert ihren wirklich passenden Songtext.

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