Sleeping very close to my mommy

What does the media say about babybay:

Thiago and Julia have chosen babybay

FC Bayern player Thiago Alcántara and his wife Julia Vigas are preparing for the birth of their first child. The babybay is already placed in their bedroom.

Marie of 69 Days Ladies Star Workout

“Babybay is prepared – still very unusual, since I am always struggling to get out of bed at 5:20 am. Sitting half-way in the baby bay – I have to get used to a different way to get in and out of bed, but I think the Babybay is great and practical.”

Babybay is set up and Sven said: “we are ready”

Sven Hannawald and Melissa are looking forward to the time their little one can sleep in the “great co-sleeper”

“When mommy gets much more sleep”

“Still, we are absolutely impressed by our babybay as a family. It is perfect for us and our life situation.”

“I love it, it is super small and so handy”

Now our babybay is already ready, although not yet attached to my bed, where it should be, but built up and ready for the baby girl. I love it, it is super small and so practical. We got the babybay trend and the possibility to adjust it to any height is just perfect. I wonder if I should still get a canopy what do you think? Looks nice.

Favorite of the week – a different kind of changing table

Tobi Kindermöbel, the producer of the famous “Babybay”, have a great invention with the changing table. In practice it looks like this: Changing diapers is no longer a pure women’s thing, but as much as we are happy when Daddy also diligently changes the diapers, a problem brings with it many couples with themselves:

aaaaaalex85: “Even enough space for twins.”

“No matter what, our princess will sleep very close to us for the first few months, and the babybay is so easy to handle. There are different models, we decided to get the babybay Maxi with an extra-large and ventilated sleeping platform, there is even enough space for twins.”

Children’s place “Saalberghaus”

The Saalberghaus, which takes care of infants and children to the age of 11 and their families, is pleased with a babybay and the matching babywok table”

Ohwego: The slightly different changing table

“The clever minds of Tobi have created a whole new mobile changing table. Due to the height-adjustable platform, the Babywok can be adapted by twisting to the parents’ body height.”

Larilara on Babytwist:

“Even Papa knows how to use the transformation artist. It is mobile and adapts to the body height. Changing diapers while sitting or standing, in the bathroom or living room – everything is possible.” tests babybay Trend, 4/2016

“Overall we are very satisfied and the offer meets our expectations with a nice modern design.”

Moskito – the family portal

“The basic principle is that of the rotating stool, because the babywok is easy to adjust between a low 65 cm and a height of 96 cm just like the variable sitting position … Great when Mom and Dad alternately change the diapers. … Robust castors make the trendy piece … also wonderfully mobile.

Starlights in the Kitchen: baby’s new bed

“I was particularly advised on the babybay co-sleepers, which is why we decided to use one of these products.” raffles a babybay trend

“Attention moms! We raffle a babybay trend baby bed. Wanna win? Click through the gallery”

A babybay is being built

“’WE’ started to build up our babybay. Alex loves to put things together. Everything should air out nicely – our cradle is also built up and we are ready – I believe I already said it 1265 times – but I always think of something new. I will show it to you when we have completely finished., 2/2016: Utensilo

„… einem neuen Produkt, das praktischer nicht sein kann! Schnuller, Trinkflasche, Windeln oder das Lieblingsspielzeug … In den Taschen des neuen babybay Utensilo verstauen frischgebackene Eltern elegant all die Kleinigkeiten …“ 12/2015: babybay bedding

“The popular brand babybay offers so much more: from the very latest design variations like the babybay trend, babybay boxspring or babybay Maxi for twins, there offer wonderful and very trend-oriented baby bedding and sleeping bags.” 12/2015: babybay Trend

“Very close to mommy and daddy, it is simply the best way to sleep … You can always have body contact with your little one, without disturbing their sleeping habits.”

Kinderbay Trend – New design

“The babybay brand has become world-famous thanks to the original co-sleeper in the classic design, which can be attached directly to the parent bed … Finally, there is an alternative for parents with high design requirements in rather avant-garde bedrooms.” 11/2015

“A baby bed, attached to the parents’ bed; your baby, only one arm’s length away, safely and comfortably embedded in a small bay. During the doctor’s visit, the doctor was enthusiastic about this practical invention.”, 10/2015: Sweet Dreams – the thing with the right baby bed

“Since we have a boxspring bed, which I never want to give back, the selection is not really big. Speaking of that, there is a supplier who offers beds for our bed format. So the choice had fallen to the babybay co-sleeper of Tobi”.

Tobi Children’s Furniture: An useful addition

The popular brand now includes much more, such as the models babybay trend, babybay boxspring or babybay Maxi for twins. Now the manufacturer also announces an extension of the range to baby bedding and foot muffs. – Babybay Trend

“Breastfeeding, comforting and snuggling without getting up – The babybay co-sleeper is perfect for mothers who want to be close to their little ones. The little ones are not lying in the parent’s bed, but are securely attached to the bed at the right height with their own bed- secure in a bay as a bed extension close to mommy.” Relaxing nights for mom and baby

“…combines comfort, closeness and security in a co-sleeper, which is attached directly to the parent’s bed. So the little one can sleep right next to mommy…”

Blog “Starlights in the Kitchen”

“In Praxistest the babybay definitely scores. Alexander feels comfortable in it and the small extra bed fits super to our parental bed. Once assembled, it can withstand all requirements and does not slip.”

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